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Create media plans that cover all channels and
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One location for all your media plans … MediaFoldr

No more needing to trawl through emails and spreadsheets

Single Point of Access

Media plans can be accessed from one centralised location


Search across countries, campaigns, media plans and documents

Version Controlled

Media plans and their change logs are up-to-date at all times

Involve Clients

Share media plans with your clients when you decide they are ready


Which Media Planning Tools Do We Provide?

MediaFoldr reduces friction in the media planning process


Define a media plan template once and then re-use to create all future media plans within seconds. Templates also ensure media plans are streamlined across your business.

Status Tracker

Attend to client and vendor needs promptly with our collaration feature. Keep track of all conversation and be ready to adapt to changing requirements.


Easy compare the plan with what was actually delievered without needing to trawl through emails to find relevent invoices, ensuring clients are paid faster.


Always be in the know how with our campaign reporter tool. Empower yourself and your team to answer any questions your client may have at any time.


What Will Our Media Planning Platform Give You?


MediaFoldr reports on who and when made edits in the system providing full transparency within your team. Communications with vendors and the clients are recorded and can be referenced at any time.


MediaFoldr allows mulitple users across different teams to work on the same media plan at the same time so the programmatic team and the social team can work side by side.

Reduced Discrepencies

Documents relating to a media plan can be accessed from within a single view, making it easy to check if any of the information provided in the documents does not match the media plan.

Data Accessibility

Data from all media plans is collected and stored within the system enabling reporting across all campaigns, countries and channels. A dashboard and calander view put you in control of your media.
Streamline processes

Ensure the right information is collected and stored at the right time .

Create the media plan.

Apply a media plan template to create mediaplans
with lightening speed.

Contact vendors.

Message vendors with you media plan requirements
and collate documents within the system.

Seek client approval.

Share the media plan with your client for approval.

Reconcile the media plan.

Compare vendor invoices with the media plan
without leaving the system.

Take care of the admin so your marketing team can
focus on what they do best

Streamlined Proceesses

Streamline workflows within and across teams.

Full Transparency

Incoices are linked to media plans reducing the potential for financial errors.

Faster Delivery

Delivery campaigns faster to your client.

MediaFoldr can transform
your media planning
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